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The only affordable learning solution your child will ever need to pass the 11 Plus Selection tests for admission into grammar and independent schools in the U.K.

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Our 11 Plus Curriculum

Our Teaching Methods

Our 11 Plus tutors solidly prepare your child to take the dreaded 11 Plus exams. We conduct mock tests every six weeks to boost your child’s confidence for the actual tests. We also teach your child either online or at our 11 plus tuition centre in Woolwich. Your child can decide to study the entire 24-level curriculum on their own by subscribing to our Online Self Study plan at a fraction of the cost.

The Boroughs / Counties We Cover

We have recorded videos, practice tests, assessment tests, timed-based tests and everything your child needs to succeed in the 11 Plus exams. Our curriculum covers Bexley, Kent, Medway, Essex, Bromley and all of the borough and counties of the United Kingdom.

The Subjects We Cover

Our curriculum covers the entire 11 Plus subjects such as verbal reasoning, non verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning, comprehension, cloze test, synonyms, antonyms, shuffled sentences, spatial reasoning, grammar, punctuation, spelling, and extended writing.

Our Innovative Programmes

11 Plus Selection Test

Suitable for children currently in Year 5 who will take the test in September.

13 Plus Selection Test

Suitable for children who would like to retake the tests.

10 Plus Selection Test

Suitable for children in Year 4 who would like to start studying a year earlier.

Our Methods of Study

Online Self Study

Your child will cover the same contents online by using our online curriculum app called Classlet. This has all the lessons, videos tutorials, practice and mock tests.

Tuition Centre

Your child will visit our tuition centre on Saturdays for two hours to physically attend lessons. These are taught by our qualified and experienced tutors.

Why 11 Plus College

High Pass Rates

We have maintained high pass rates of between 80% to 100% in the tests over the past five years.

Blended Learning

We supplement our teaching with online learning activities featuring a series of weekly homework.

All Exam Boards

Our curriculum covers the Bexley, Kent, Medway, Bromley, Essex, and other boroughs plusprivate schools.

Six-weekly Mock Test

We conduct mock tests every six weeks to prepare your child to be emotionally ready for the D-day.

Outstanding Facilities

we provide a very conducive, innovative and state-of-the-art facility to accelerate your child's learning.

Outstanding Tutors

Our 11+ tutors are UK qualified teachers with several years of experience in 11 Plus test preparation. All are DBS checked.

Outstanding Three Years 11 Plus Exam Results

2021 Results


2021 Results

Bexley: 81%
Kent: 86%
Medway: 89%
Bromley: 65%
Essex: 80%
Independent: 52%

2020 Results


2020 Results

Bexley: 79%
Kent: 76%
Medway: 74%
Bromley: 69%
Essex: 73%
Independent: 53%

2019 Results


2019 Results

Bexley: 82%
Kent: 90%
Medway: 92%
Bromley: 60%
Essex: 84%
Independent: 63%

Online Self Study Programme

Due to distance, our Online Self-taught programme is becoming popular.  Watch a quick sample VR video tutorial. You can enroll your child for FREE.

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Outstanding preparation for the exam. I was not surprised though. My daughter passed as has my elder son.

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