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We strive to provide the highest quality tutorial services, geared towards maximizing your child's probability of success in gaining admission into grammar schools, private and independent secondary schools in the United Kingdom.

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Our Pass Rates:

Why 11 Plus College

High Pass Rate

We have maintained a high pass rate of between 90% to 100% in the tests over the past five years.

Blended Learning

We supplement our teaching with online learning activities featuring a series of weekly homework.

All Exam Boards

Our curriculum covers the Bexley CEM, Kent GLA, Medway, St Olave's, Newsteadwoods, private/indep. etc.

Six-weekly Mock Test

We conduct mock tests every six weeks to prepare your child to be emotionally ready for the D-day.

Outstanding Facilities

we provide a very conducive, innovative and state-of-the-art facility to accelerate your child's learning.

Outstanding Tutors

Our 11+ tutors are UK qualified teachers with several years of experience in 11 Plus test preparation. All are DBS checked.

Our Pass Rates:

2020 Pass Rates


2020 Results

Kent: 83%
Bexley: 77%
Medway: 91%
St Olaves: 30%
Newsteadwood: 33%
Private/Independent: 50%

2017 Pass Rates


2017 Results

Kent: 100%
Bexley: 100%
Medway: 100%
St Olaves: 50%
Newsteadwood: 75%
Private/Independent: 70%

2019 Pass Rates


2019 Results

Kent: 92%
Bexley: 75%
Medway: 93%
St Olaves: 55%
Newsteadwood: 63%
Private/Independent: 80%

2016 Pass Rates


2016 Results

Kent: 90%
Bexley: 80%
Medway: 93%
St Olaves: 80%
Newsteadwood: 75%
Private/Independent: 67%

2018 Pass Rates


2018 Results

Kent: 89%
Bexley: 82%
Medway: 91%
St Olaves: 55%
Newsteadwood: 68%
Private/Independent: 73%

2015 Pass Rates


2015 Results

Kent: 87%
Bexley: 75%
Medway: 90%
St Olaves: 40%
Newsteadwood: 55%
Private/Independent: 70%

Our Innovative
11plus programme

11 Plus Programme

For children already in Year 5 who will take the selection test in September.

10 plus programme

10 Plus Programme

For children in Year 4 who would like to start the programme a year earlier.

12 Plus Programme

12 Plus Programme

Already in secondary school but would like grammar school?

Online Programme

Online Programme

For those who would like the online version of any of the programmes.

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Free Sample Lessons

These sample lessons comprise:

Verbal Reasoning Type 1 Introduction

Verbal Reasoning Type 1 Practice Test

Verbal Reasoning Type 1 Assessment Test

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Parent Testimonials

11plus testimonial

Search no further, 11Plus College is the last bus stop!

Kemi Ajuwon

Sidcup, Kent

11plus college testimonial

11Plus College is all your child needs to succeed. Their curriculum is feature rich.

Andrew Ogundairo

Greenwich, London

11plus college testimonial

My child passed with top 180 score. I was glad I found them.

Kirsty Briggs

Bromley, Kent

Sign your child up today. This will be the greatest investment you ever made!

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