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5, Brampton Road, Bexleyheath, DA7 4EZ


1.1  Our Name: 11Plus College, Bexley

1.2  Our Business: The provision of 11Plus online and face-to-face tuition services to children

1.3 Monthly Fees: monthly payment of £150 will be considered

1.4 What are Included in the Fees?

  1. Weekly Tuition Fees
  2. One-year license to 11Plus College’s Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)
  3. One-year license to Maths Watch VLE
  4. Seven (7) Termly Mock Tests
  5. Termly Reports

1.5 Fees Terms and conditions

  1. Fees are payable upfront per term
  2. Fees are NOT based on the number of sessions in a month
  3. Fees are NOT refundable for sessions not held due to unpleasant weather conditions, for instance, during a heavy snow, fire or situations that warrant us to shut down
  4. The first month’s tuition fee will be pro-rated for students joining the College at the middle of the month

1.6 Payment Methods

  1. By direct bank transfer
  2. By cash
  3. By cheque

1.7 Payment Options

  1. In full payment
  2. By termly payments
  3. By monthly payment of £150

 1.8 Refund Policy

If you pay your child’s tuition fees termly or yearly and you intend to withdraw your child before the fees you have paid run out, the College will refund the remaining part of the fees to you. Please note that one month’s notice is required. More so, a 20% administration charge will be applied to the refund.


1.9 Our Tutors

Our tutors are well qualified and experienced in the 11Plus Selection tests curriculum. Our tutors are all teaching full time in local schools. They are all DBS checked. A copy can be shown to any parent upon request.


2.0 Our Pass Rates

Owing to the years of experience of our tutors, we have worked hard to improve our pass rates significantly over the last four years. We get between 85% to 95% pass rates in any given years. Thanks to our supportive parents who ensure that their child completes all the Levels of our 11Plus curriculum.

Disclaimer: It is the parent’s responsibility to ensure that their child completes all the Levels. We do NOT guarantee that any child who completes these Levels would pass the Selection tests.


2.1 Subjects Taught

  1. Verbal Reasoning
  2. Non-Verbal Reasoning
  3. Spatial Reasoning
  4. Numerical Reasoning
  5. Mathematics
  6. Mental Arithmetic
  7. English Language
  8. Comprehension
  9. Spellings, Punctuations and Grammar
  10. Cloze Tests
  11. Extended Writing


2.2 Examining Bodies Covered

  1. Durham CEM (suitable for Bexley and Medway Selection tests)
  2. GL Assessment (suitable for Kent Selection tests and for several other boroughs)
  3. St Olave’s Grammar School Bromley (boys)
  4. Newstead Wood Grammar School Bromley (girls)
  5. Independent and Private schools
  6. All schools in the UK that test students on subjects listed in section 2.1 above


 2.3 Selection Test Registrations

Parents will be informed and reminded by text messages or emails to register their child for the Selection tests. Registration is usually done online, and registration window is always within one month. Parents are also advised to register their child in the four principal boroughs closer to where they live. These are usually Bexley, Kent, Bromley and Medway.


2.4 Weekly Teaching Method

Weekly sessions at our Centre contains 40 minutes of each of the core 11Plus subject: VR, NVR and Mathematics. Students are taught in a class with approximately 20 students using the interactive whiteboard. Concepts will be explained to the students, students will ask questions. Students are then given a short practice questions to attempt. Scripts will be swapped or self-marked and corrections will be done. The weekly tuition method is analogous to a secondary school method of teaching.


2.5 Online Method

If you live beyond a travelling distance from our College, you can opt for the online version of our innovative curriculum for your child. This contains video-recorded lessons, tests and assessments that your child can study 247 in the comfort of his or her own home. You can visit our website for details on how to enrol your child. You can also arrange with the College to bring your child to the College during the termly mock tests. This arrangement usually involves a fee of £50 for the mock.


2.6 Student Study Requirements

  1. Computer, tablet or laptop with internet access
  2. Dedicated study area at home
  3. Minimum of 10 hours each week MUST be dedicated at home for completing the weekly assignments which are split into Levels.
  4. The estimated time to complete each 11Plus College Curriculum Level is two weeks.


2.7 Equipment

Please ensure that your child attends every session with the following equipment:

  • Green pen
  • Black or blue pen
  • Pencil
  • Sharpener
  • Rubber
  • Folder (will be given on the first day)
  • Three exercise books, one for each subject
  • Schoolbag




2.8 Homework

Weekly assignments are online-based. The contents are accessed via the 11Plus College’s Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). The VLE contains a bank of questions and answers from past 11plus Selection tests. The entire 11Plus Curriculum is split into 24 Levels. Each Level comprises most of the subjects listed under Section 2.1 above.

Each Level contains subjects, and each subject contains topics, presentations, video tutorials, practice and assessment tests. Practice tests are non-timed based tests with a passing score of 100%. On the other hand, Assessment tests are timed with a passing score of 80%.

A student must pass ALL practice and Assessment tests at each level in order to progress to the next level. Students can attempt the tests as many times as possible but each time, a different set of questions will be generated. Each 11Plus Level takes between one to two weeks to complete.


2.8.1 Continuous Feedback and Monitoring

Each time your child completes an online test, you will receive an instant email stating that your child has just completed a test. The email will also state the test name, your child’s score in percentage, the average score, and whether your child passed the test or not. You are advised to use this tool to monitor your child’s progress. If your child told you he is doing his work and you are not getting any score messages, that means he is not doing it.


2.9 Initial Assessment

We conduct Initial Assessment tests to determine your child’s pre-knowledge, areas of strengths and weaknesses when your child is joining after September. Having said that, it is not necessary because our 11Plus VLE, which your child will be given access to upon registration is a more reliable indicator of your child’s state of preparedness. This is because our VLE does not judge your child on only one initial assessment but on a series of assessments. This gives a better insight into your child’s state of readiness for the Selection tests.


3.0 Our facilities

Our classrooms are all equipped with a white-board, a desktop computer, a projector and an interactive whiteboard. Classrooms are well heated in winter, while a standing fan is provided during the Summer. There is a canteen on the ground floor with a vending machine where students can buy snacks, drinks and water. The machine accepts credit cards, coins and notes. There is also a free WIFI on-site, and parents can sit in the canteen downstairs and wait for their child.


3.1 Car Parking

There are enough parking spaces on site. Parents should always ensure they are parked on marked bays. You do not require any tag to park on-site.


3.2 Summer Holiday Travel

Parents are advised to avoid taking their child on holiday during the Summer in August. This is because Selection tests are held in September, and exam preparation and techniques for passing the tests are being taught in August.


3.3 Attendance and Punctuality

Parents are urged to ensure they leave home on time so that their child is not late for tuition.

3.4 Bullying

11Plus College does not condone any form of physical, verbal or online bullying by any student. We reserve the right to withdraw your child if, upon investigation, your child is a perpetrator.


3.5 Withdrawing Your Child

We require at least, four weeks’ notice from the parent who would like to withdraw their child. The notice is to enable us to inform and register other students who are on our waiting list. However, if you are particularly concerned about something, it is extremely crucial you discuss it with the Administrator first. If you are not satisfied, you can give a month’s notice to withdraw your child.


3.6 Picking and Dropping

Due to safeguarding issues, parents are required to stay with their children at the Centre until one of our tutors arrives and unlocks the classroom. There is always a receptionist at the Centre, but they are NOT responsible for looking after your child when you come in early. Please do NOT leave your child unsupervised when you arrive early. More so, if you want someone to pick up your child, please inform the Administrator beforehand.


3.7 Complaints

We welcome complaints from parents on any matter they want to address regarding our College. This could also be constructive feedback on how we can improve our provisions. All complaints should be directed to admin@wordpress-461612-1445590.cloudwaysapps.com

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